Wherever there is a hyphen written self you automatically consider it your own as if it belongs only to you. Similarly, self – storage is any personal place or space which belongs only to you. It is kind of your personal diary which you posses and only you know about what is in it. Self storage ranges from a mini box to larger boxes which can accommodate all your belongings.

Kinds and importance of self-storage:

Self storage spaces are of following kinds:

It can be a personal locker, a single unit home, personal parking place or a personal storage place. Nowadays places of residence are sometimes not safe enough to put our precious belongings there, for this purpose special lockers or storage space have been made so that we can keep our belongings save there without anybody else being informed of that particular place. Moreover, if our residential area is not spacious enough to park our extra cars or to put unused appliances, we can keep such goods safe in self storage places. Other then that there are self-storage units.

These are the single unit apartments which are mostly spacious enough for a single person to live. They are kind of mini homes where a solo person can live comfortably. Now the question arises is that what is the benefits of such storage places. First and foremost, they are comparatively cheaper in rates. Their rates vary from place to place, it depends upon kind of location you prefer to live or store your belongings safely. They can give you your personal space that you always need from the outside world. Moreover, they can keep your belongings save and secure.


With every pro comes cons. Similarly, self – storage spaces also have its cons. They are given on short term basis as well. Hence, you will have to keep moving from one place to another after a short while making it harder for you to settle. Other than that, these places are mostly crowded, hence even though you are in separate place of your own you will keep hearing voices from your neighboring apartments.


Keeping all pros and cons in mind, these self-storage units or self – storage boxes are quite popular nowadays especially in western world where there is a trend of living a solo life. On the whole they are recommendable for living or storage purposes. Many platforms have been made which provides us such spaces. Organized self storage platform is one of the such platform which offers us facility of self storage in cheaper rates with place spacious enough to fulfill our requirements. Self-storage boxes are recommended in highly populated countries so that it would be easier for accommodation purposes. For instance, in China, Japan and other such populated countries there is already high trend of self – storage boxes, some being provided with best of the technologies.

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